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Board design is not just about making your thoughts into reality. It is about the pursuit of a more connected and working world


Passion for IOT has been there since the start. Connecting things help not just the individual but the community as well.


Turning words into actions on very low levels..


The Things I’ve Created

Stereo Restoration

Restoration Tutorial

FROM 1965 TO 2017

Stereo Makeover

LED GRaduation Cap

LED Graduation Cap Tutorial

Website Tutorial Part 1

Website Tutorial

Website Tutorial Part 2

Website Tutorial

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Where dreams become reality

  • 2012

    My Humble Beginning

    In 2012 I started my journey as an engineer at The University of Akron. Here I learned more about engineering, electronics and software than I ever knew there was. Since then I have been in volved in various teams and projects.

  • May 2012-2017

    A Series of Robots

    After being in college for about 2 months I joined the NASA Robotics Mining Competition Team, formally the Nasa Lunabotics Team. While on this team I helped design, trouble shoot, win, and fail using various robots through the years.

  • April 2017

    When Dedication Is Rewarded

    After three semesters, nearly 18 months, my Senior Design Team, DT04, was rewarded with the Dr. C. F. Chen Student Award for Design Excellence, for our development of S.W.I.M. System for Workout Information Management was designed to assist the women’s swim team gather more workout metrics to assist in training.

  • July 2017

    Transition to Full Service

    After Graduation I accepted a full time position at Inertial Aerospace. Here I work with an engineering team of eight to create modernized test equipment to facilitate the repair of Inertial Navigation Aircraft Equipment.

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Jack Wolfe III

Jack Wolfe III

Lead Marketer

Lives in Ohio

‘Vi veri veniversum vivus vici’ (By The Power Of Truth, I While Living Have Conquered The Universe) - Foust

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