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A 3 minute read, Posted by Jack Wolfe III on Thu, Mar 1, 2018
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So if you’re reading this article you might be thinking about changing your home to a smart home. So first let’s talk about what a smart home really is.

First a smart home is not anything like the Disney Movie Smart House, it will not attack you, it will not do things you don’t ask for and it certainly will not try to make itself human. A smart home is a house that can perform easy everyday tasks automatically or with other input. Some smart devices that I personally use are smart switches, voice assistants, smart lights, smart locks, and even smart car tracking! Yes your car and garage are a part of your smart home!

So how do you begin, well you get a smart home device. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “What do I buy?” Well the answer is not easy as every home and everyone’s needs are different. You have to ask yourself questions like:

“Do I live in an apartment?”

“Do I own my house?”

“What do I want my smart home to do?”

I will go more in-depth about these when talking about different smart home items. But for starters I recommend following the path I did, which is starting with a voice assistant. I purchased the original amazon echo from the beta program many months before its release (I still have and use it daily). For more information on what smart assistant to go with see my article on the differences currently available.

Next I got some smart devices, I at the time rented an apartment and had no access to the electrical breaker box, so I decided to get Phillips Hue Smart Bulbs. I out fitted the living room, bedroom, and kitchen with these light bulbs. They are easily controlled by a smart assistant, in my case Alexa. I can ask her to turn them on, off, dim, brighten, and even change color (only for Phillips Hue Color Bulbs).

From here I have moved onto locks, switches, and even a smart car millage and maintenance device. In the future I plan to purchase a smart vacuum and many more device.

But why buy all of these things for my house? That’s a great question and the answer is easy convince, security, and FUN! I cannot tell you how blown away people are when they come over and I can control basically my whole house with Alexa. The best part is going to bed and asking her to turn all the lights off and knowing they are. Then asking if the door is locked to be confirmed it is. She then wakes me up with my morning alarm and helps me by turning on lights to guide me downstairs.

There is no better return on an investment than quality of life and let me tell you Alexa makes my day.

Now I know you’re probably thinking Jack, I have used a voice assistant before and sometimes they don’t work. This is true. Countless times Alexa messes up, but I am patent and calm and just ask again. You are asking a digital assistant to do your bidding, you know that right… Sometimes things don’t work but when they do its great!

So strap in as we go on this wild ride on smart homes!

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